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Most of foreigners have difficulties with expressing themselves correctly, while speaking to English-speaking people. Most of the difficulties are coming from lack of knowledge about English culture of conversation. Today we’ll talk about correct way of expressing yourself and reasons, why this way is correct. Please note that this article adapted to Russian-speaking population, thus some reasons and motivation may be unclear to other nations.

Let’s imagine simple situation of a tourist, arriving in Heathrow airport. He doesn’t know English well enough to keep up with pace of things in the airport. He’s frightened, exited, shocked … you can continue. Let’s assume that he passed the passport and emigration control already. He barely recognizing the sing, showing passage to luggage area, and following it with a faith that his luggage was not stolen, nor delayed. Although we know, those are really rare situations, but we’ll assume for a moment that his baggage was delayed. Our tourist waits and waits for his baggage, but it doesn’t appear on the transporter. After 1-2 hours of waiting, angry and upset he approaches the baggage control stand:

- Hello, I didn’t found my baggage on the transporter; can you help me to find it?
- Yes please, may I have your ticked and baggage check-in tag please?
- Here we go.
- Ouch, your luggage didn’t arrive at Heathrow, I’m afraid you will have to fill up the lost luggage claim and we will contact you as soon as it will arrive.
- What? What are you think about yourself? Bring me my baggage now! I will sue you to hell! …
- Please calm down and fill up the claim, we will deliver your baggage to mentioned address once it will arrive.
- When this will happen?
- I’m afraid I can’t help you on this.

Let’s leave them and think for a moment, why the clerk didn’t check the situation and current position of tourist’s baggage? We know that it’s possible, also it’s possible to check when it will arrive. What was the reason that triggered the clerk to not to help? Please think about it, and post your suggestion to the forum.

In next article we will learn, what was the small mistake of the tourist. Also we will learn how to be sure that your conversation opponent is pleased with your culture of conversation.

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